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7 (Mostly) Safe Social Media Strategies For Local Cannabis Businesses

July 20, 2017

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I Look Inside My Mind At 3am While Thinking About Motivational & Keynote Speaker Greg Reid's Secret Knock Event

April 25, 2017


Late the other night, I was trying to go to sleep. My mind wandered aimlessly in the darkness until I was suddenly stricken with sheer panic.


I realized that I am ill equipped and unprepared for Greg Reid’s Secret Knock event coming up in a few weeks. Even as I write this, the insides of my elbows begin to sweat.


Secret Knock is supposed to be a blast. Meeting and greeting with very very successful entrepreneurs and business people. So why am I not thrilled?


Well, this kind of thing lies far beyond my comfort zone. Like really far.


I’m going because I belong there. Because I have worked and hustled my way to get in.


But my subconscious argues otherwise. That bastard of a mind tells me that I’m not good enough. That this is wasted effort because I am destined for failure. People are going to realize that I am a fraud. What an asshole. My brain.


If I let it wander down that masochistic rabbit hole, it’ll only get worse.


I don’t even know the real dates of the event. I don’t know what to wear. I don’t have name brand clothes. I have a nervous twitch in my face. My teeth aren’t white enough.  I’m going to get appendicitis. I’m going to get it in a car accident on the way. I’m going to run over a child on the way….


So I need to shut my mind up. Acknowledge the fears. Say hello. Then say goodbye.


Magic happens outside of the comfort zone. People like Greg have taught me this.


Greg Reid is a motivational and keynote speaker. One of the best (according to Forbes).


I help Greg by managing some of his social media. He says I’m a social media genius. I try to argue but he won’t listen.


I should probably listen to Greg Reid. I mean, he knows wtf he’s talking about, right?


But people say that Einstein was a genius too. His colleagues (and Einstein himself) would claim that his math skills were quite poor among his elite peers. That he would bring his ideas to them to help implement his thoughts into numbers and sequences.


Am I comparing myself to Einstein? Why not! Though I probably relate closer to a sober Don Draper or a friendly Henry Ford.


So, here, I alternate between self-paralyzing fear and grandiosity. Oy vey.


So what’s the point of this blog post? SEO. Greg needed a link to his site from another. That’s it. And I didn’t know what else to write.



I’ll add the keywords again: Motivational Keynote Speaker Greg Reid


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